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Interfaith Families


“My House Will Be Called a House of Prayer for All People.” (Isaiah 56:7)

Our community recognizes that interfaith families are an increasingly common reality in today’s world. Recognizing that conversion is not the path for everyone, we want to recognize and appreciate the decision to raise your children as Jews. We strive to welcome all who want to participate in Jewish communal life and make every family feel comfortable and at home at Beth Tikvah.

Our clergy look forward to working with your family to make you feel welcome as you celebrate your lifecycle event at Beth Tikvah. Whether it’s a bris, baby naming, or bar/bat mitzvah, we want to help you to celebrate your sacred event with dignity and respect. 

While our clergy cannot officiate at an interfaith marriage ceremony, we can still help you celebrate this important moment in your life and offer spiritual guidance. Our clergy can provide the following services:


* Provide pre-marital counselling to both partners.

* Work with couples to help deepen their understanding of Jewish practices and rituals.

* Celebrate with their families and offer a blessing on the new home the couple are creating together with a mezuzah ceremony.

* Help facilitate a conversation between couples and parents/grandparents to explain that they aren’t, “doing this to them.”

Thu, 23 September 2021 17 Tishrei 5782