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Joining Beth Tikvah

Membership in Beth Tikvah offers you the opportunity to be part of a vibrant Jewish community; with worship, services and programs that suit all interests and ages. 

Please contact the office at (416) 221-3433 for information on becoming a member. 

Among the membership privileges: 

•High Holiday tickets
•Priority bookings for B’nai Mitzvah and weddings
•Discount rates for programs
•Cemetery privileges
•Youth services and programming for ages 4-13
•Support of our dedicated professional staff, such as our Rabbis, Ḥazzan, Ritual Director, and Administrative Staff

Please Note That Our Membership Year Is From January To December.


An Application for Membership is available below. Please fill it out electronically. Once it is filled out electronically and submitted, it will be sent automatically to Beth Tikvah and a member of the Beth Tikvah office will contact you. Alternately, you may download a PDF application to fill out and submit to the office in person.
Download the PDF application by clicking HERE

Application for Membership

Applicant 1

Applicant 2


Aliyah Information

Yahrzeit Information

Community Involvement

Special Needs

If Yes, please email copy of conversion certificate to
If Yes, please email copy of conversion certificate to


Beth Tikvah Synagogue recognizes the importance of maintaining your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information. We take seriously our obligation to keep your personal information confidential and we protect it with appropriate safeguards. In order to instill confidence in our members and potential members that the personal information they entrust to us is safe and protected, we have developed a Privacy Policy. A copy of our Privacy Policy is posted on our website [] and is available on request by contacting the office.

Beth Tikvah Synagogue collects and uses your personal information for the purposes we have identified in our Privacy Policy.

By signing and dating, and returning this completed Application for Membership to Beth Tikvah Synagogue:

•          I/we acknowledge that I/we have read and understood Beth Tikvah Synagogue’s 
             Privacy Policy, and

•          I/we agree that Beth Tikvah Synagogue can collect, use, and disclose our personal
             information in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

Beth Tikvah Synagogue’s Privacy Policy and my/our consent, apply to all the personal information provided by me/us which is currently in Beth Tikvah’s possession and may be subsequently provided by me/us, unless I/we subsequently withdraw my/our consent in writing.

(a) Apply for membership in Beth Tikvah Synagogue.
(b) Agree that this application for membership is subject to approval and acceptance by the Board of Governors of Beth Tikvah Synagogue.
(c) Certify that we are/I am of the Jewish faith.

Agree, if accepted to membership in Beth Tikvah Synagogue to:

(d) Comply with and abide by the Constitution, Bylaws and Regulations of the Synagogue as duly enacted now or which may hereafter be in force. Please find the Bylaws posted on the BT website.
(e) Jointly and severally pay all dues and assessments of the Synagogue as they may be from time to time determined.
(f) State that the above facts contained in this application are true and correct.


Wed, 19 June 2024 13 Sivan 5784