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Conversion to Judaism


As a Conservative Synagogue, Beth Tikvah abides by the standard that only those born to a Jewish mother, or those who have properly converted, are to be considered Jewish. 

Beth Tikvah Synagogue facilitates conversion to Judaism for people of all ages and backgrounds judged as appropriate candidates by one of our rabbis. Our conversions are usually performed under the auspices of the Rabbinical Assembly (the international rabbinic arm of the Conservative Movement) and are thus well-regarded by the great majority of the North American Jewish community and by the State of Israel. Those requiring Orthodox recognition of their conversion are also encouraged to speak with Rabbi Grover. 

Candidates must meet all requirements of conversion according to Jewish law. The process is confirmed by a beit din responsible for ensuring that each candidate is converting with the proper knowledge and motivations. 

Beth Tikvah also facilitates conversions for children who are adopted, or born to a non-Jewish mother. 

There are, unfortunately, many dishonest rabbis offering programs and products which lead to conversion. Some work online and others will pretend that their conversions will be well-accepted, when in fact they will not be. In considering your conversion it is crucial that you consider the legitimacy of the process and of your sponsoring rabbi. Our rabbis are available for consultation and verification if you are unsure about legitimacy of such a person/program. 

Non-Jews who are interested in exploring conversion to Judaism, or Jews who have questions about their halakhic status, may schedule an appointment with Rabbi Grover by e-mailing his assistant at

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