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An educational, creative, and fun club for the Women of Beth Tikvah!


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Recent Programming at Beth Tikvah Women:

Recently, Beth Tikvah Women participated in a guided paint night with Rachel Albert over Zoom. The results the ladies produced were amazing! Thank you to everyone who attended and supported this program!


As we think about our future, should we not wonder what our LEGACY will be? Will we leave the world in a better place than we found it? Will we give the next generation the tools to handle inevitable change? Will we provide the next generation good values to live by? Will we cultivate truly fine Jewish leaders? Will we build institutions that deepen the authentic Jewish experience of our people? The TORAH FUND Campaign of Women’s League of Conservative Judaism directly affects every one of these issues.

If you were not aware already, Women’s League for Conservative Judaism (WLCJ) is the umbrella organization of all Conservative sisterhoods in North America and Beth Tikvah Women has been a member since 1964. Women’s Leagues’ dedicated Tzedakah is called “Torah Fund”. Monies raised by its annual campaign provide support to our Conservative/Masorti students and the FIVE institutions where they study – in New York at the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS); in Los Angeles at the Ziegler School of Jewish Studies; in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano; and in Potsdam, Germany at the Zacharias Frankel College.

By giving to Torah Fund, we leave a LEGACY that will allow these seminaries to continue to educate Rabbis who offer wisdom and leadership; Hazzanim who enhance the beauty of our prayers; educators who transmit the richness of our heritage to our children and grandchildren; professors of Jewish studies at our children’s universities; professionals with deep Jewish knowledge who serve the community; and lay leaders who are informed, educated and committed Jews.

When the JTS in New York, Ziegler on the West coast and even the Seminario Rabinico in Argentina educate clergy who serve in North America, they can have a profound effect on the direction of their synagogue communities, on local Jewish agencies on whose boards they sit; they can affect battles against local expressions of antisemitism or antizionism. More positively they can have a great impact on day schools, congregational schools, on hospitals, nursing homes – indeed every door through which they walk can be an opening to a positive impact in their community.

You may not know that a substantial minority of alumni, across our seminaries, do not enter the pulpit at all. Some serve as educators in universities, day schools, summer camps or as Hillel directors. In these roles, their impact on thousands of young people’s lives is incalculable. What a great use of your LEGACY to support the person that so many people turn to, when wisdom and strength are needed in a crisis or when wisdom and sound advice are needed in good times.

Another essential skill being taught in our seminaries is through their Clinical Pastoral Education Program. Rabbis and Cantors used to be required to take 40 hours but this has now been increased to 400 hours of CPE, where they learn how to speak with those who are ill or suffering or in the process of dying and with their loved ones.

What a LEGACY it would be to have your Torah Fund donation support the education of a rabbi or hazzan who can provide the spiritual support needed in so many of life’s challenges.

The Torah Fund mission is to give every person the opportunity to participate in preserving, promoting and perpetuating Conservative/Masorti Jewish education through active giving in support of our seminaries. Your donation, at whatever level you choose, makes an impact. If you donate at the Benefactor level, $180 or above, you will receive the beautiful 5779 Torah Fund Pin as a gift.

Please contact Beth Tikvah Women’s Torah Fund Chair, Fran Caine - 905.881.4830 - to make your Torah Fund contribution.

Your LEGACY impacts positively on our Jewish World – its present and its future. Together with your generosity, we can truly say “Am Yisrael Chai.”

Interested in being informed and/or getting involved with BT Women?
Call the office for more information at 416-221-3433!

Sat, 13 April 2024 5 Nisan 5784