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At Beth Tikvah we strive to be a fully inclusive community and to remove all barriers to participation. We believe Inclusion is a core Jewish value and make every effort to welcome and accommodate all who wish to participate in congregational life and programs. Below are examples of our commitment to welcoming everyone who walks through our doors and some ways that we can accommodate different needs.  

Allergies and Sensitivities:
Our building is nut free to accommodate those with allergies, additionally we are scent free to accommodate people with severe environmental sensitivity.

We are committed to creating an inclusive and equitable Jewish space. We recognize that many voices in the Jewish community are often underrepresented and strive to make Beth Tikvah a place where all feel welcome regardless of the colour of their skin. As a people whose foundation story revolves around the oppression our ancestors faced, we take seriously our duty to stand up against all forms of hatred and bigotry.

Beth Tikvah is an egalitarian synagogue. By this, we mean to say that men and women participate fully and equally in all aspects of our synagogue life. Adult men and women lead services, read from the Torah, and are counted towards the minyan. We believe that by including women fully in ritual acts, our Judaism and our community is enhanced. We encourage all, regardless of gender to grow in their ritual observance and take on leadership roles in the synagogue. Our clergy are committed to helping anyone who wants to learn to participate more fully in Jewish worship and observance of mitzvot.

Interfaith Families
Our community recognizes that interfaith families are an increasingly common reality in today’s world. Realizing that conversion is not the path for everyone, we want to recognize and appreciate the decision raise a Jewish family. We strive to welcome all who want to participate in Jewish communal life and make every family feel comfortable and at home at Beth Tikvah. Our clergy will work with families to make sure that they feel welcome when celebrating lifecycle events at Beth Tikvah. Whether it’s a bris, baby naming, or bar/bat mitzvah, we want to help families to celebrate these sacred events with dignity and respect. 

LGBTQ Inclusion:
All are welcome to participate in Jewish life and ritual at Beth Tikvah regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Clergy are available to officiate at same-sex marriage ceremonies, and other lifecycle events. Additionally, our building is equipped with a gender-neutral washroom on the main floor.

Physical Accessibility:
All are welcome to participate in Jewish life and ritual at Beth Tikvah regardless of  physical ability. Our parking lot is equipped with numerous spots reserved for those with a handicap placard. The front entrance to our building and our bimah have ramps for wheelchair access. We also have a handicap accessible washroom located on the main level. Additionally we have an elevator for those who require it when attending programs on the lower level.

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