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Community Happenings

Community Happenings

Mosaic Outdoor Club of Ontario is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization integrating Jewish values and an appreciation of the outdoors and the natural world. We provide a positive social atmosphere for sharing active experiences. We have events on a regular basis in the GTA and Ottawa.

Getting outdoors and spending time with Chaverim brings a welcome sense of community.  

  •  MOCO, or Mosaic Outdoor Club of Ontario (Toronto and Ottawa) is the only Canadian chapter of Mosaic Outdoor Club of America, which has chapters in Chicago, New York, Massachusetts, Texas, Florida and elsewhere.

  • The name, Mosaic, comes from Moses—our first outdoorsman.

  • Members comprise singles and couples 18+, including several couples who met at club events.  

  • Many of our day events are on Sundays to allow those who are Shomer Shabbat to join us.

  • Events can be day, evening, nights, Saturdays and Sundays, depending on the program.

  • You can join us as an event guest or as a yearly member. Most of our events are open to guests. Find details on our About Page at


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Our upcoming events for May:

Wednesday May 8–early evening Bike the Beltline 

Sunday May 12–All Day Intermediate Hike Scotsdale Farm on the Bruce Trail

Sunday May 19– Afternoon Nordic Pole Hiking Introduction and workout walk

Monday May 20–Bike from Clarkson Go to Union Station along the waterfront and dinner afterwards.

Sunday May 26–16k Bike Ride.


Community Happenings

OPEN HOUSE: April 16 and May 21. REGISTER HERE

The Shalom Hartman Institute runs a Teen Fellowship for thoughtful and curious Jewish teens who want to explore questions facing the Jewish people and develop the tools to build an informed, meaningful, and bright Jewish future. I think you would learn from and contribute significantly to this community of learners.  

The year-long Fellowship, which gathers teens from across North America, includes two in-person weekends, monthly virtual learning with world-renowned Hartman scholars, thematic elective courses, and mentorship. You can see the full description and sample schedule for the Fellowship here.  

Applications are due on June 2, 2024 and include submitting a letter of recommendation.  I encourage you to apply!  

To find out more, you can register for a virtual open house about the program taking place on April 16 or May 21.

If you have any questions please let me know or contact Amalya Sherman, Teen Program Coordinator at the Hartman Institute directly at 

Community Happenings

1) ACT: Advanced Campaign Training – A new initiative to equip the next generation of Campaign Staff with the tools they need to succeed. ACT: Campaign Manager will give individuals skills and insights necessary to lead successful and impactful political campaigns. Fully multipartisan, ACT: Campaign Manager begins January 24, running 6 Zoom sessions weekly on Wednesdays. Participants must be 21+ and have volunteered on a campaign in any capacity. The deadline is January 10. Apply now and unlock campaigning excellence. Visit our website for FAQs and details. 


2) Join our ACTION 2024 Committee. The CJPAC ACTION Party, June 6, 2024, is the political event of the year. It’s an opportunity for young professionals, business leaders, philanthropists, political insiders, and elected officials (from all three levels of government and all the major parties) network and talk politics. No speeches. Just schmoozing and relationship building. Join the ACTION 2024 Committee before the end of the year to be part of it!


3) The Women in Politics Mentorship Program is designed to support and train Jewish women, 21+, who want to engage at high levels in the political process, either by running for office (at any level of government) or by working in a high-level political staff role. Despite making progress in recent years, women still represent only approximately one-third of all legislators in Canada. The Women in Politics Program seeks to help Jewish women from across the political spectrum gain knowledge, build skills, and create a network of support that will help them advance and persevere.

Community Happenings

Your Action, Their Armor.

Israeli families have been slaughtered, villages held hostage, cities across Israel bombed and soldiers massacred. 

Thousands of IDF soldiers and reservists have since been called up to duty. Immediately, Israelis began circulating lists of names of soldiers and the missing, wounded to pray for on social media and informal messages. 

To consolidate efforts of individual lists and social media posts, we have re-launched the Shmira Project. The Shmira Project is a centralized system to match the names* of IDF soldiers, and Israelis who are missing, wounded or in danger with people around the world.

The pairs a participant with an active duty IDF soldier or reservist. 

You, the participant, will commit to doing a mitzvah (good deed) ranging from prayer to Torah learning to charity to simple acts of kindness in the merit of your soldier or person in danger. 

The Hebrew word "shmira" (pronounced shmeerah) means "guarding". In modern Hebrew, shmira also means guard duty. We will continue in the ancient practice of pairing physical battle with spiritual battle. 

When the Shmira Project was initially launched during the 2014 Gaza war, the program reached over 70,000 people from 35 countries. Today, leveraging technological advancements, our reach is limitless. 

Join the Shmira Project. Your mitzvah is their armor. It’s guard duty for the rest of us.


More Community Happenings


The Shalom Hartman Institute’s Teen Fellowship is an extraordinary opportunity for Jewish high schoolers in grades 10-12 to cultivate their Jewish identities and worldviews. Participants study with preeminent Hartman Institute scholars, contemplate fundamental Jewish questions, and join a community of insightful and motivated peers and mentors from across North America. 

Through the Hartman Teen Fellowship, participants study new perspectives on Jewish identity, peoplehood, and values. Students grapple with pressing questions related to identity and belonging, their relationship to Israel, and important issues facing the Jewish people. Through critical thinking, understanding of Jewish ideas and values, and connection to Jewish peers and mentors, Fellows cultivate a desire for and capacity to lead meaningful Jewish lives.

Develop the capacity and the confidence to wrestle with questions that matter to teens, such as:

  • What does it mean to be a part of a global Jewish people?
  • What unites us and what divides us?
  • How should we, as young Jews, respond to the challenges we face in a polarized society?

The Shalom Hartman Teen Fellowship runs
from October – May (Orientation is held virtually in September),
and involves four exciting components:  

Community and Mentorship
Virtual Community Batei Midrash

Trimester Elective Classes



If you do not already have a mezuzah for you front door go to

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The Kultura Collective and UJA Federation of Greater Toronto are pleased to offer this website as a resource to the community to celebrate Jewish arts, culture and heritage. During this difficult time, we will come together through online learning, streaming performances and exhibitions – both socially distant and virtually. As a community, we will share and explore our culture and traditions through meaningful artistic experiences. We hope these events will keep you connected, engaged and inspired throughout this challenging time.




Wed, 19 June 2024 13 Sivan 5784