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Beth Tikvah is Back!


We are pleased to announce that Beth Tikvah is expanding our re-opening for in-person services as COVID-19 transmission risk decreases across Ontario.

Here is what is staying the same:

1. Shabbat Morning Livestream and Daily Online Services: Shabbat morning services will continue to be live-streamed online. As well, our daily online services will continue with links for both being advertised in our daily e-mail.

2. Registration: Advance registration for Shabbat services allows us to monitor capacity limits, which will remain in place. Registration instructions will be found in our daily e-mails.

3. Social distancing and mask-wearing: Even outdoors, this helps control transmission.

4. Mandatory self-screening: If you have symptoms, please stay at home!

For those wondering about the High Holidays, we will be finalizing those plans in the coming weeks, including the question of capacity limits. Please stay tuned for those announcements. If you have not done so already, we hope you will renew your Beth Tikvah membership as soon as possible. Your support has sustained us through this pandemic, and will also ensure the success of our reopening.

We are grateful for your loyalty and encouragement, and can't wait to see you soon!

Thu, 23 September 2021 17 Tishrei 5782