Nov 23, 2014
1st of Kislev, 5775 Rosh Chodesh Kislev

Shabbat Times


Candle Lighting: 4:30pm

Minha Friday: 6:00pm

Shaharit Shabbat: 9:00 am

Minha Shabbat: 4:20pm

Havdalah: 5:33pm



Weekday Times

Shaharit - Sunday : 8:30a.m.

Minha Sunday : 4:40p.m.

Shaharit Monday - Friday: 7:15a.m.

Minha Monday - Thursday: 7:00p.m.

Minha Friday: 6:00p.m.




Jewish Links

Beth Tikvah Synagogue Toronto: 3080 Bayview Avenue (416) 221-3433

Make Our Home Your Home

Welcome to Beth Tikvah, one of the most dynamic Conservative synagogues in Toronto.  Our congregation is a true community, offering a wide range of ritual, social, cultural, recreational, educational, and youth activities that engage our members. 

Founded in 1964, Beth Tikvah has built a reputation for being a leader in social action, and for our award-winning music and programming. 

Through daily services, special events, lectures, holiday celebrations, youth activities, and much more, we serve the needs of a diverse, large and still-growing membership.

To learn more, please browse our website, call us at (416) 221-3433, or contact us by e-mail at


March 10-23, 2015 - Tour to Israel: Led by Rabbi Grover

Join us for Beth Tikvah's

Jubilee Anniversary
Tour of Israel

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Thursdays in May - Creative Writers' & Memoirs Group

Creative Writers' & Memoirs Group

Welcome all writers. We will meet weekly throughout the Fall on Thursdays at 1:30p.m at Beth Tikvah Synagogue. Bring your writing! Contact the Synagogue office at 416-221-34333 or Ruth Frankel-Graner: